Garage Door Installation

Has that time come?  Do you need to replace your garage door?  The thought of an installment of a new garage door can be a bit overwhelming.  Rightly so, as replacing, for example, a residential garage door can take up to a weekend to complete and if you have no experience or training, it is a tough job.  In McKinney, TX we offer the most reliable garage door installation in the region.  Our friendly, well-trained staff will have your old door removed and put in your new one without the stress and hassle.  Our services include using only the best materials and we offer garage door insulation too.  Your new door will work beautifully.  Take a look at what we can do for you.


Garage Door Installation Services

 We have been happily installing garage doors in McKinney for a while and take pride in our work.  We offer only the best in quality both in parts and service.  Everything we do is backed by warranty, this includes parts and labor.  Our garage door installation prices are reasonable and will keep you within budget.  From residential garage door installation to garage door repair parts, we are the one stop shop for all your garage door needs.  If your old door is just about to expire, we can help you find and install a replacement.  We are sure you will appreciate our dependable staff and service with a smile policy.  Give us a call today and see for yourself why we are the most trusted name in garage door installation in McKinney, TX.


Do-it-Yourself Garage Door Installation Preparation

 If you like do-it-yourself projects, installing a garage door is one of the toughest.  It requires strength, patience and a bit of know-how.  To get started there some things you can do – even if you plan to call in for  professional reinforcement.

  • Clear some space. You will want to make sure that your garage is clear from items that may hinder progress or otherwise obstruct or get in the way.  Large items of course should be moved and well out of the way.  A clean and clear work space will make for an easier and faster installation.
  • Check overhead for pipes, framing or wires that may get in the way of the opening and closing of the new garage door. If there are such things, when you measure, be sure to add space so that the doors can safely clear the obstructions.
  • Take measurements of width and height. Make sure you leave head room between the door and the ceiling (especially if there is somethings in the way – see previous point).


Use the measurements you took to help you decide on the door you want and the door that will fit best in the space you have.