Garage Door Opener

The days of lifting and then pulling closed a garage door have all but disappeared.  The convenience and inexpensive garage door openers of today have become the norm.  Whether commercial or residential garage doors, we have the right opener mechanism you need.  With so many options today, it is good to have some guidance when it comes to choosing a garage door opener.  For others, it may be time to switch out your garage door opener or maybe the one you have needs some repair.  Either way, no matter your garage door opener needs, we are happily serving the McKinney, TX community with the best garage door service around.  Take a look at some of the services we offer and how you can help maintain your garage door opener to keep it working properly.

Maintenance on Your Garage Door Opener

 Most garage door openers are pretty straightforward and simple to use and maintain.  By following a few guidelines and regularly checking up on safety features, you can ensure the safe, proper function of your opener for years to come.

  • Always follow the safety instructions as provided by the manufacturer. Disconnect the power when servicing your garage door.  Be sure to keep away from children and do not allow them to play with the garage door.  This may go without saying, but it is good to have reminders.
  • Check on a monthly basis your garage door opener safety beams. This electric eye reverses the movement of the garage door in the instance that it detects an object in the way.  This is an important safety device and if there are any malfunctions, the door should not be used.  Call a qualified technician to come and repair the mechanism.
  • Make sure to check the manual operation of your garage door. Check the track, rollers and other parts for rust and dirt.  Wipe clean and lubricate lightly to keep things moving easily.

Garage Door Opener Options

 As mentioned earlier, there are many options available when it comes to garage door openers.  For both commercial and residential garage doors, openers can vary.  Our products are always warrantied for up to a year.  So if you need a wireless garage door opener system or a garage door opener with ½ horsepower motors, we have it all.  Belt-drive openers and chain-drive openers can be found, repaired, installed and serviced by our expert staff.  Affordable and dependable service doesn’t mean you have to look very far.  We service all in the McKinney, TX area and pride ourselves on the care, service and products we provide.  Give us a call today and we will gladly answer your questions and take care of all your garage door opener needs.