Overhead Door Stops

In Dallas, TX, you will find plenty of houses that include a garage. The garage door in those houses is usually an overhead door. They are beautifully designed and always need to function at their best, for the house to be complete. When the garage door is used frequently and needs to stop slowly and reliably without causing damage to the hardware on the wall, or when it can’t open inward, outward or sideways for any reason, overhead doors and overhead door stops might come in handy.

About Overhead Doorstops

Overhead door stops are used to prevent damage to your garage. They are installed at the top of the door and attached to the frame by an arm. The overhead doorstops can be concealed in the head of the door, or they can be surface mounted on the face of the door. Once the garage door is used, the arm will slide along a track or rod and when it gets to the end of the track it will be stopped by a bumper or spring built in the track.

The overhead stops are meant to be used as a stop where the materiel behind the garage door needs to be protected. Overhead stops are also meant for reducing the garage door’s wear and tear when it stops swinging. Hold Open functions can also be added in if need be, as they allow you to stop the garage door at a certain degree of opening.

It Must Be Accurate

Overhead door stops will be affected by the type of hinges used, and will need to be sized according to the width of the opening. If not adjusted accurately, a too small overhead stop may not stop the garage door before it hits the wall behind it. On the other hand, if the overhead stop is too big, the garage door may not have the possibility to make its full motion.

Overhead Door Dallas

If you are looking for a reliable and professional company to install overhead door stops for your garage door anywhere in Dallas, you are in the right place. Veteran Garage Door will gladly be of service for all of your garage door needs, so your house can be complete with a fully functional garage door.